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After its 15-month renovation in 2010, the Frisian tjalk De Vriendschap is a wonderfully spacious charter ship with a lovely spacious saloon, high ceilings, a large kitchen, plenty of sanitary facilities and 12 berths.

Luxury, light, comfort and, last but not least, cosiness can be found on our sturdy, traditional sailing ship.
The beautiful bright saloon and the corridor have a standing height of 2.70 metres.

As soon as you enter, you will experience a feeling of space and peace. Our guests are always surprised by the beautiful light atmosphere!Our total number of geusts is 12. We have opted for fewer sleeping places to offer you as much space as possible on a ship.
You will find everything on board for a carefree, tough sailing holiday.
And again and again we make changes and improvements to offer our guests the best sense of comfort.

plattegrond De Vriendschap


Dimensions ship
Length: 25,5 m.
Width: 5,15 m.
Draft aft: 1,35 m. Draft bow: 1,00 m.
When flying all our sails, the total surface is 240 square metres. 


This is what your cabin and sanitary facilities looks like

Schiffskabine De Vriendschap 255Toilet De Vriendschap 255Douche De Vriendschap 255

The ships cabins are divided into 4 single and 4 double cabins. Every cabin has its own sink with warm- and cold running water, a mirror, cabinet and central heating. All beds are equipped with a pillow and blanket by default. At your arrival everything is cleaned and the beds are made. There is a reading light at the head of every bed and in every cabin you will find an electrical outlet. Towels are freely available. Every cabin has its own porthole for the inlet of fresh air.


De spacious salon with its big and comfortable couches invite you to relax, read, listen to music, play games and join in on long table-conversations. Here you will also enjoy your meals, which are prepared in the large adjacent galley.

Salon De Vriendschap 392Kombuse De Vriendschap 392

The large galley (4 by 3 metres) is well-equipped and laid with a charming stone floor. There is sufficient pottery and (frying) pans for cooking on our comfortable industrial gas stove; 5 burners with wok burner and hot air oven. 

Doing the dishes with an industrial rinsing-machine! There is a large fridge and a freezer and there are several storage spaces for your groceries. Coffee is made with a superfast industrial coffee machine (filters are available). We freely offer the use of kitchen- and tea towels.


Provisions and groceries

You can buy your foods and drinks at the bakery, butcher, greengrocer or local supermarkets in Enkhuizen as well as in every harbour we land at; you will find all the stores you need for your purchases.


We have a professional electrical barbeque on board for which you do not need to bring coal.


For every guest(children included) on board a certified automatic life-jacket is available. Lifebuoys, life-rafts and an extra dinghy are also present. The crew are certified with an in-house emergency service license. All rescue equipment is regularly inspected.

With bad weather you can use our freely available sailing suits!
Make sure you bring along warm and wind and water-repellent clothing. And not to mention: comfortable footwear!


All your bookings include cleaning services. All we ask you to do is to leave the ship broom clean after your visit.

Facilities ship

  • Electrical daggerboard winches
  • Manually operated daggerboard winches
  • Electrical sailing winches
  • Manually operated sailing winches
  • Staircase railing
  • Gangway
  • Sun- and rain screen
  • Dinghy
  • Swimming stairs
  • Professional life-jackets on board
  • Sailing gear on board
  • Central heating
  • Bathing towels present
  • Kitchen linen present
  • Made beds – duvets included
  • Washingmachine and dryer are on board
  • Grabbars in the toilets

Technical specifications sailing vessel De Vriendschap  

Year built 1901 / 1902
Length 25,3 m
Width 5,15 m
Draft 1,35 m
Height 23,0 m
Ships type one-mast tjalk or barge
Rigging Gaff rigged
Sail surface 230 m2 (+ 130 m2 extra)
Engine type DAF 165 turbo, 168 HP
Tank volume 1600 L
Voltage 24/220 V
Potable water 1800 L


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Bookings and contact

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you can always contact us.


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& Remco Timmermans

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