An important part of our winter work is the maintenance of the sails.
This maintenance is done by the Sailmaker, who rolls out the sails one by one in his workshop and inspects the sails at all vulnerable places and checks what we as skippers have indicated.
Then they get to work; sometimes it is only a stitching replaced, but often

a new piece of leather must also be applied or a repair must be made in the form of an insert.zeilcharter de vriendschap zeilmaker
Before the sails can be taken to the sailmaker's workshop, they must be thoroughly dried.zeilen drogen

For this we hoist the sails on a beautiful sunny and especially dry day while the ship is in port. It is quite an intensive job and with the three sails we have, mainsail, jibsail and foresail, you are busy with it for at least a day. Sometimes you are unlucky and you are still overcome by a shower.
Unfortunately this happened to us this winter and we had to deliver the mainsail slightly damp to the sailmaker. 🙈
It is also hard work, but luckily there is always a good friend around to help.
And of course we make use of all the possibilities that a ship offers. For example the gaff is used as leverage and we use our beautiful ropes to bring the sails ashore.
When everything is nicely dried and assembled, we load the sails into our car and drive to Medemblik where our sailmaker resides: UBS sailmaker.
We also report this to our insurer. He must be well aware of where our belongings are and why.
Halfway through winter we will get a message from the sailmaker that everything is ready again. We are sure that the work has been done properly, because the sailmaker is a real professional!zeil detail

And until it is time to pick up the sails and put them on again, they are allowed to stay in Medemblik.❤️


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