When developing our new website, we immediately decided to also release an English version.

In January 2021 the time had come and the entire text of our website was translated into English, with good use of English maritime expressions. All credits for our daughter Roos Hijlkema!
And we are happy to announce that the English version is now online.

With this step, we are reaching a much larger audience in Europe as well as far beyond.

After all, English, like Spanish, is a hugely important language for communication all over the world. It is certainly not the most widely spoken language, but it is one that is essential for international contact.

Many international announcements and discussions, at political and trade level, are in English.
If for example, you want to make contact with French, Spanish, Indo-Chinese, Arabic or Russian-speaking countries; your first choice for a language will most surely be the English.

And also if you want to be able to reach these countries, with your message and information about what you have to offer as a company, then often the first choice for a language will be; the English

We hope toexpand our services even more with this.
Read all about us.


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