What's on our minds this spring

2021 brought us another special spring, how could it be otherwise….
All our plans had to be constantly adjusted, and that will also be the case with you.
It was a bit of a puzzle every now and then, but we are always positive and optimistic. We'll get through it and as always, we have continued to maintain De Vriendschap.

  • We have renewed many lines, including the mainsheet and the backstays
  • purchased a new winch for lifting the jib
  • Of course there had to be sanded and varnished again
  • We bought new duvets and plaids for our guests

Sailing trips 2022 online!

Romantic and adventurous.

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BOOT Dússeldorf 2021 has been canceled.
The next edition will take place in 2022 from January 22nd until 30.th,

The fair is visited by entrepreneurs and private individuals from all over Europe and far beyond, for example from China and Russia. It is a great pleasure and also a great success for us to participate in this. We believe that being present 'live' at this fair has great added value. This form of direct marketing offers the possibility of personalization, giving real attention, which is highly appreciated by customers. And in addition, we meet many colleagues from our industry, this creates a bond and is stimulating for entrepreneurship.

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An important part of our winter work is the maintenance of the sails.
This maintenance is done by the Sailmaker, who rolls out the sails one by one in his workshop and inspects the sails at all vulnerable places and checks what we as skippers have indicated.
Then they get to work; sometimes it is only a stitching replaced, but often

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When developing our new website, we immediately decided to also release an English version.

In January 2021 the time had come and the entire text of our website was translated into English, with good use of English maritime expressions. All credits for our daughter Roos Hijlkema!
And we are happy to announce that the English version is now online.

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Angepast Krant NL 2020 12 31 153544

De Vriendschap Journal now also available in Dutch
Did you know De Vriendschap has its own newspaper?
We are proud to announce that the first Dutch edition will be published by the end of November.
You can find our newspaper in certain restaurants and shops in Dokkum or you can collect it onboard De Vriendschap, docked at Diepswal in Dokkum.
The paper is also distributed at BOOT Düsseldorf.

For an online sneak-peak, look through the newspaper here.


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Yteke Hiddema
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