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Week ‘adults only’ sail & bike in Holland - Sundayevening July 16th. 2023 until Sunday July 23th. 2023

7-day trip

Enjoy a wonderful week of sailing & cycling or walking, with us on our sturdy ship, adventurous and romantic!

Experience the ultimate holiday feeling while watching the setting sun on a beautiful summer evening, or by relaxing at our authentic comfortable ship, on deck or downstairs in the cosy lounge.

Sometimes a sailing-day will require a lot of manoeuvres and sometimes it’s just smooth sailing.

Either way: when you have enjoyed a long day of sailing, it’s always nice to arrive in a harbour. After a hefty day of tacking, you can revel in your seaman’s sentiment and relax with a good book, talk over the days experiences with your travel companions or take a walk around to scout the port city or island.

You are most welcome on board on Sunday July 16th from 21:00 hours.

Our sailing area: The Dutch waters; IJsselmeer, Wadden Sea or inland waterways

Let us guide you on our sturdy ship De Vriendschap and enjoy a wonderful time on board. Let the panoramas and the lakes silver glow enchant you, feel the wind in your hair and relax. Experience the vibe of our Dutch Wadden Sea with its unique islands and sandbanks and taste the salt on your skin. Along the way you will see many birds and seals and sometimes even porpoises.

Because we are dependant on wind and weather, we never know exactly where the journey will take us beforehand. Exciting, because there are numerous options!
We moor in a beautiful Dutch harbor town, or anchor overnight to let you enjoy the intense silence and darkness. We look forward to organizing a wonderful week for and with you.

Journey and practical information:

Monday morning around 10 ‘o clock we will leave Enkhuizen harbour after a brief sailing instruction and head out to open water. Depending on the weather, we might set sail to one of the Wadden Islands, which you can discover by bike the next day.
The following day we will sail to another island or port city. On sailing days, we normally take off around 10:00 in the morning and are usually in the next harbour at around 16:00 hours.
Sunday afternoon we will be back in Enkhuizen.

Embarkation Sunday night July 16th from 21.00 hours.
Disembarkation Sunday afternoon July 23th 11 16.00 hours.

Your crew consists of 4 persons.

Bike rental (E-bike)
Port fees and tourist taxes
Food, coffee and tea
Use of bath towels
Use of sailing gear

Individual outings or excursions
Individual insurances
Journey home > ship and vice versa
Various drinks are available on board. At the end of the trip your beverages’ bill will be settled with the skipper. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

(we advise you to secure a good travel insurance)
Please do not forget to bring solid shoes, water and wind tight clothing and sunscreen.

You can register by sending an e-mail to:
by telephone: 06 30 270 370 or by using the registration form.

Food & Drinks

Food & Drinks

Being at sea the whole day gives you a strong appetite. Therefore the ships cook’s care is of great importance. Our kitchen crew will provide you with a good breakfast, lunch and diner every day. Additionally we will spoil you every once and again with tasty snacks. And a delicious appetizer in the afternoon.


Breakfast consists of a variety of breads with cold meats, cheese and sweet toppings, yoghurt, muesli, coffee, tea and milk.


For lunch we offer several dishes, like a filled soup with baguette and cheese, a delicious pasta salad, lots of green salads etcetera. Always served with milk and juice.


For dinner we always serve a warm meal with desert.



During meals and through the day coffee, tea and tapwater are available. You can buy other drinks, like wine, beer, mineral water and several soft drinks on board. At the end of the trip, your beverages’ bill will be settled with the skipper. It is not allowed to bring your own drinks.

Dietary needs

If you have any dietary needs, please note these with your reservations. We will try to tend to your wishes as well as possible. Are you vegan? We can offer vegetarian meals. Sadly it is not possible for us to serve vegan dishes on board.

Buy consciously

We purchase environmentally consciously for our catering packages, which is why we use products from the region and encourage our guests to do the same. The bread is bought from the local bakery, meat from the butcher and vegetables from the greengrocer or market, cheese from the cheese farmer. We try to avoid the large supermarkets.
All this in order to responsibly serve a good and tasty dish for you.

Prices & Registration

Prices sail & bike 7-day trip

Per person in shared cabin   €   830,00
Single cabin private € 1170,00
Two persons cabin private     € 1660,00



How do I reach Enkhuizen?

Two weeks prior to your travelling date we will send you a clear itinerary with De Vriendschap’s berth.

Where can I park my car in Enkhuizen?

Near to the ship’s berth, at Enkhuizen’s train station, there is a free parking lot. Two weeks prior to your travelling date, we will send you a clear itinerary.

Can I reach Enkhuizen with public transport?

Enkhuizen is very well accessible by train. De Vriendschap’s berth is only a 10 minute walk from the train station.

Where can I find the ship?

The ship is located at the Gependam in Enkhuizen. Two weeks prior to your travelling date, we will send you a clear itinerary.

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