Yteke Hiddema and Remco Timmermans
bought Sailing Ship De Vriendschap in 2010.

schippers Yteke en Remco

In a collaboration with a naval architect, new ideas were hatched and after a 15 month renovation, the ship was rebuild into a spacious and comfortable passenger ship - you can view the construction drawing here -
The ship was baptized and regained its original name. Take a look at our blueprints.

Since the young age of 6, Remco was obsessed by sailing and sailing vessels and he bought his first ship by the age of 19.❤️

He is schooled as a ship’s carpenter, cabinetmaker and captain and has many years of experience in passenger shipping. He has been sailing historical sailing vessels around The Netherlands, Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean since 1973. Many long years he was an entrepreneur in tourism as he lived in the Canary Islands.

Yteke and Remco speak Frisian, Dutch, German, English, French and Spanish.

Yteke,takes care of the wellbeing of her guests on board.❤️

She studied several theatrical and art programmes and has a year-long experience in antiques- arts- and textile trade. Extensive knowledge of human nature and sense for esthetical objects and interior design is what she brings along with this broad experience as independent entrepreneur. In 2010 she turned the wheel and decided to, literally, sail through life with Remco. And now after some years as an ordinary sailor is now officially a helmsman.

Experience with us: Living in a Fairytale-book

To contact us, you can call us by phone, E-mail us, or contact us with WhatsApp (on the bottom you'll find the icon) Or click here for contact infomation.


Corporate social responsibility is highly valuated in our business.

Read below, to see how we act upon this value.


Every year we invite the clients of “Samen Leuker” for a daytrip on board. “Samen Leuker” is a fun and creative day care in Harlingen for people with a handicap.
A very rewarding activity which brings a lot of joy to our participants.

Society and region

For our catering arrangements we buy environmentally conscious. We shop locally and encourage our guests to do the same. Bread from the local bakery, meat from the butcher, vegetables from the greengrocer or market and cheese from the cheese shop. We try to avoid the big supermarkets.


Sailing, by definition, is environmentally friendly; the wind is our fuel. Because we have to use our engine every once in a while and we aspire to burden our environment as little as possible, we use GTL fuel. This is an alternative diesel fuel derived from natural gas, which burns more cleanly than conventional crude oil-based diesel. An additional benefit is that the engine stays cleaner and less fuel is consumed. Find out more about GTL here. 

Drinks on board are sold in bottles (no cans).

We highly recommend the use of our on board potable water supply. This way you don’t need to buy and bring your own bottled water. This makes a big difference in use of plastics.

For cleaning activities we use eco-friendly cleaning agents such as Driehoek, Tricel and Goudzeep from Senzora.
This way less microplastics end up in our environment. These products are paraben-free.

Through the years we have replaced practically all our lightening with LED-bulbs, which decreases our electricity consumption substantially. Materials used for our ship all hold environmental certificates.

Our showers are equipped with water-saving heads which leads to less water consumption. Lightning in the toilets and showers activate on sensors with a time lock which leads to less electricity consumption.

A water indicator has been installed to measure the use of water on board. This makes it easier to oversee and maintain our water use.

There is an electrical barbeque on board, so there is no need for buying charcoal (i.e. less production, packaging etc.) and no exhaust of damaging fuels while grilling your food.


Bookings and contact

For more information and reservations
you can always contact us.


affiliated to VZR

Yteke Hiddema
& Remco Timmermans

Phone number:
+ 31 630 270 370


Zeilcharter de Vriendschap

Yteke Hiddema
& Remco Timmermans

Vleesmarkt 27
9101 MH te Dokkum

Phone number: 0031 6 30 270 370


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